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A Virgin's Dream

Post #1

As you stand before me naked, I first make love to you with my eyes. The curve of your neck, the thrusts of your breasts, the shadows cast on your abdomen. Your legs are slightly crossed, hiding your womanhood from my gaze. I cannot wait any longer, and reach for you.

I next make love to your with my hands. They cup your face, and slide down your arms. I hold your breasts in my palms, testing their weight, before I begin to knead them like bread dough. I flick your nipples back and forth with my thumbs, bringing expressions of delight to your face and wonder to mine. Like a child, a play with my new-found toys.

My hands now descend, following the curve of your back and slender waist. I feel your firm ass cheeks in my grip, and slightly draw them apart. One of my fingers passes over your anus, and you shudder with the sensation. I tap on the outside of your nether hole, and watch the waves of feeling pass over you.

I slide my hands around to the front, to all that is mysterious and tempting. Cupping your mons, I feel the heat. The slight rubbing of your clitoris causes you to moan. Spreading my fingers, I draw apart your labial lips.

My hands are satisfied no longer with just experiencing your exterior. With a tentative digit, I enter you, probing for warmth and wetness. You virtually drip onto my palm. I probe deeper, and move my finger around the outer walls of your pussy. My thumb begins to rhythmically tap and stimulate your clit. Your hips begin to move back and forth.

My other hand has not been idle. After dipping a finger in your mouth, it steals back to your ass, and traces the valley between. It finds your anus again, and with a gentle push, drives onward. You stifle a small cry of pain, and enjoy the sensation.

My two fingers probe inside you, and feel each other through your body. Your clit is rolled and tweaked until you feel you must collapse, until suddenly, I rip both my hands out of your and away. Your come drips down your legs.

It is time to make love to your with my tongue. I kiss you deeply, my eskort görükle muscle dueling with yours for dominance. I slide my mouth down your neck and over your shoulders. I trace the outlines of your tits, slowly climbing the mountains, always aiming for the peaks. The summit! I such your nipples in, one at a time, gently biting at the skin around them, cherries on top of vanilla ice cream. I suckle at your bosom, hoping against hope for milk to feed me. But I must find drink someplace else.

I draw patterns on your stomach with my tongue, leaving designs in saliva. I dip into your navel, tracing its curves and caverns. Ever lower, ever lower. The scent of you is overpowering, and it seems that steam exits from your feminine grotto. Your fluids shine from the gentle fur covering, like dew on the grass. I draw closer to the source.

My tongue avoids your clit, circling around to approach up your legs. I lick the insides of your thighs, ever aware of the direction of your core. I reach the bottom of your lips, as you look down in anticipation. I drag my tongue up along the gash, and begin to lap like a dog, digging for the tasty treats inside. You gasp and pant with delight.

I have never tasted any wine as enchanting as yours. I am intoxicated, and dig deeper into you in search of the spring of life. I drink deeply. My tongue drives deep into your pussy, and rolls around, stimulating every inch of your tunnel of love. And then, I move on. I seize your clit between my teeth, again like a dog, but this time hanging on to my favorite bone. My tongue lashes against it, back and forth, and you scream! Orgasm seem too tame a word for what you experience.

Back to the well, drawing liquids into my mouth, then again coating and cleaning your clit. It seems that I could do this forever. But the feeling between my legs has virtually turned to pain, and I know that it is time that I made love to your with my cock.

Repeating the pattern again, I start with your face. I place my prick before your mouth, and you move your lips and tongue kestel escort up and down its sides. Then you draw me into you, and suck on the tip as if you were trying to turn me inside out. Your tongue feels like it is giving me a new paint job. I must draw back, and fight to remain in control.

I drop to your lovely breasts, still shimmering with the traces of my oral loving. My hands cushion them together, and my penis plows between the downy pillows like a train through a winter mountain pass. I feel like I am enveloped in the finest silk. Your tongue stabs out at me as I rise up and down. The contact is exquisite, but I know that this too is only another appetizer. The main course is yet to come.

The moment has arrived. You lie expectant on your back, lookng up at me with big eyes as I move between your legs. My cock first touches your mons, and we both grow tense. I cannot wait another second. With a rush, I thrust deep inside you, and you scream in shock and exultation!

Never have I experienced such heat, such pressure. "Hot and tight and wet" may be the expression, but no words could describe the way that I feel. I begin to steadily move in and out, at a moderate rate. Then I change the pattern, slowly drawing myself out of you at a crawl, then storming back in as if on an expressway. A change again, as I first raise up and enter you from a higher angle, stimulating your clit, then lower to drive as deep as possible. I feel like I could faint as the blood rushes from my head.

We change positions. Without breaking our coital link, I fall back, and you rise up to ride me. For a time, you just sit there, feeling me inside you. Then I raise my hands and clasp your breasts, and as if that was the on-switch, you begin to move up and down on my spike. Your pounds grow in intensity as our hips bruise each other with the force of your lovemaking. Then, still impaled, you spin around so that I can no longer see your face. Again you move up and down, and I keep my eyes locked on your winking asshole.

Now I change bursa sınırsız escort our position again. I sit up at the waist, and you fall forwards onto your hands and knees. As before, I never fully leave you, fearing that these sensations could not be resumed if ever temporarily interrupted. Now we do it "doggie-style", and I lean over you, caressing your flanks, squeezing your tits, driving deeper and ever deeper.

I have lost count of the times your body has shuddered beneath me. I do not wish to stop, but I know that before this encounter ends, there is one more thing that we have to experience together.

I draw out of you, my cock gleaming with your love oils, and I raise it an inch or two. You gasp and look nervous when you realize what I have in mind, but you are too overtaken by lust to object. My penis steadily slides between your cheeks, and reaches its destination. With steady pressure, I force your ass to let me enter.

I thought that your pussy was like a vise, but it cannot compare to this degree of tightness. The flesh and muscles yields before my battering ram, and I drive deep into your most private place. Nothing could be more intimate. I have to say it out loud, so that we both can believe it. "I'm fucking your ass!", I say quietly yet firmly, and again and again, louder and louder until it seems that I am trying to tell the whole world. My thumb returns to your clit, and adds more elements of pleasure. With each strumming of your love-button, your ass clenches around me. All this time, my cock pistons in and out, but the portals refuse to let the head escape.

The sensations are too much, and you collapse on the floor. I stay above you and in you, driving in and in and in, seeking I know not what. And then, like a dam breaking, I let loose! I explode within your deepest passages, filling you with my cream. I slowly withdraw, and it pours out, running down your legs, mixing with your own spillage.

I slowly rise, and pick you up in my arms. We are both exhausted. We spend the next thirty minutes in the shower, lovingly soaping each other, massaging sore muscles, soothing orifices and extensions rubbed raw with our passion. And though it would not seem possible, my prick begins to stiffen, we look into each others' eyes, and you lean back against the tile wall as I advance yet again.
02-21-2024, at 12:05 PM

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