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Birthday part II (new style ow writing}

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Birthday part II (new style ow writing}As I move in and out of your tight ass your breathing picks up again and I'm thinking to myself, I?m going to make her cum so hard she falls asleep. Ahahhaha Nice and deep until I notice your hands on my thighs trying to keep me from going to deep. Oh, hell no I don?t play that, I tell you, I stop and look into your eyes. Move your hands, you refuse, move your fuckin hands now I tell you. Still refusing but not saying anything. You wanted me to fuck your ass and now you trying to keep me from going deep! That?s not going to happen. Move your fuckin hands now and I smack you on the ass and leave my red handprint right on your ass. You whimper and quickly move your hands. I ask you, what you don?t trust me not to hurt you? You look up at me and slow your breathing so you can answer. I trust you with all that I am, I just............................. have never had this type of orgasm and I felt it coming. I thought it was going to feel to good so I wanted to stop it from coming. Really, I say. While we are looking at each other I say, I want you to have orgasms in every way I want you to have them, so don?t stop me, I?m teaching your body to orgasm in different ways. This way when we are naked your body will do what I want it to do and not hold back. I ask, can I continue? You nod your head and say please make me cum!. Back in nice and deep I watch your face so I know when my dick is hitting that spot. Every couple of strokes you wince and I know I?m right there! A little faster and you're breathing faster and you have settled down enough to enjoy feeling my dick. Deep and hard and I hear you say I?m going to cum! I pick up the pace and just a lil harder to push you over the top. Right there...........right..................Yes........ ....Yes............there, it................................................ ...............cums. You buck and cum so hard your pussy juice squirts all over me and you just keep cumming and I just keep fucking your ass. You scream oh fuck and just as I hit that spot one more time you cum again and this time your juice flow is thick and there is a lot of it. When you settle down and is hardly moving, I tell you that?s how I want you to cum from now on, you understand me! Babe what about your party and the pool! I smile at you, are you ready? I tell you not to move be right back. I come back with a couple towels and I clean you up from head to toe, catching all your sweat and pussy juice. I use warm towels all over your body and you just moan and let me finish. When I get to your sensitive spots I leave again and come back with more warm towels. This time I have one that is hot, I take that towel and with my right hand I use it to clean your asshole. You wince again and I tell you to relax, the hot towel will help your muscles relax. We get dressed and head to the party. Instead of the pants suit you were wearing I dress you in a flowing colorful sundress with no panties and a sexy red bra. I slide sandals on your feet and put your hair up in a tight bun! Looking surprised you ask me how the heck I know how to dress you! Hahahaha I smile and say, cuz you trust me and you really didn?t have a choice but to let me dress you! Besides you look amazing, go look! You walk over to the large mirror on the back of the door, all smiles and your as happy as you can be. See told you! Despite us showing up late everyone is happy to see us and it?s really not that late. We have fun and enjoy the party, sexy dancing, laughing and drinking. As the night goes on I try to count in my head how many orgasms you have had. While I?m thinking this you move in my sight and ask babe what?s wrong? At first I didn?t answer, You put your hands on my face and gently move my head to look into your eyes, Babe what?s wrong?, where are you?, can you come back to my please?, Still nothing but you notice something cold in my eyes and suddenly you remember me telling you about these spells I have where I blank out and appear to not be present. I also told you how to get me back. These spells are part of my PTSD from the war. They are not bad or scary it?s just my mind locks on something and it?s hard for me to break the lock. I have been told by doctors that my brain is processing information faster than it is use to and this is what?s causing the lock up!I explained to you what to do and how not to draw attention to us as you bring me back.You carefully sit me down and sit right in front of me. with both hands on my face again you just talk to me until you see my eyes blink. Once I see nothing and no one but you I ask, how long was I gone this time? You laugh a sigh of relief and kiss me on the lips, Not long babe just a few minutes. You ask me if I'm ok and surprised at how you handled this situation, I say yes ma?am I?m good. Satisfied with my answer you stand up and I see you walk away. I smile as I watch your amazing ass while your walking away. A few minutes later you come back and tell me, everything has been taken care of and I want you to come with me so we can relax for a while. I stand up and we say our goodbyes and I laugh and joke with a few people as we move through the crowd. We take the elevator to a floor that you have to use a key in the elevator to get to. We step out and you are focused on how I'm feeling and making sure everything is good. I tell you babe I'm good stop worrying. Walking around a short hallway we get to a locked door, you open the door with the same key. Inside is a large very beautiful penthouse. I say wow as I look around, I do notice the entire penthouse is incased in glass on all sides and I start smiling. Babe come in hear please. In my amazement I hadn't noticed that you were in a different room. I walk into the room where I heard you voice and it?s a steam room and it?s hot as fuck in here. You find me in the midst of all the steam and grab my hand. It?s hard to see you but I do notice that your naked and your hair is down. You stop me and undress me then guide me to a massage table. The table is surrounded with flowers and candles. Here, lay down on your back I have a treat for you. I don?t ask questions I just do as instructed. A couple of seconds later I look above my head and your standing at the head of the table with your pussy right at my face level. I laugh and say damn what a view. You laugh and tell me I?m silly. You hold up a bottle of oil that smells like Poison, which is my favorite perfume for you, you pour the warm oil all over me from head to toe. You then move to my side and work the oil all over me. Once you're happy with the oil you climb on top and do the sexiest thing, I Have ever had done to me. You slip and slide your body all over mine, slow and sexy. Breast all in my face and all over my body. Now we both are covered in oil, slowly you 69me and rub your ass all over my face and that?s when I noticed how wet your pussy was. I try to lick your pussy and you force my hands down and move your ass away from my face. I feel you sliding your breast up and down my dick which is so hard right now. After working me almost to orgasm, you slide off the table and tell me to turn over. I do as told and you repeat this sexy slip and slide. All over me paying attention to my dick and my ass you just really get me excited. When you are done you slide off the table again and walk over to a walk-in shower, turn the water on and then your back at my side. Join me, you ask? Yes ma?am I sure will. I getup and I notice something strange, my head is a little fuzzy and eyes are hard to focus and I start laughing. You look at me and say, There, he is! I smile and I hear you explain that the oil that we are covered in has THC mixed into it so it?s better than smoking weed. I laugh and ask, Are you for real? Yes I am and your high as fuck you tell me. We move to the shower where the feeling intensifies, you take a few minutes to rinse some of the oil off of me as you do the same to yourself. You tell me I?ll be fine and that you wanna fuck in the small hot tub in the main room.
04-07-2021, at 02:18 PM

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