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Blackmailed By Unknown Facebook Man

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Blackmailed By Unknown Facebook MandeleteddeletedI have medium breasts 32. My hips are 30 and my back is more attractive 34. So totally I don?t like a milf of 37. My lips and teeth will be very beautiful. I wear saris as well as modern dresses too.I see lot of men having some craze for me. They stare top to bottom that will make me excited. When I go for tours with husband?s friends and families they too like to talk to me more and stare at me.Coming to the story, my hubby who have to go twice or thrice a week to Bangalore for office work.Some incidents which happens in day time when I go to market or shopping excites me more. Men trying to continuously see my hip trying to get a glimpse of my navel, stand behind in the bus smelling me.. These all summed up and excited me. So that night thought of watching porn after my k**s slept.Suddenly thought of doing sex chats. So created a fake profile? Entered my details correctly and uploaded some pic from net? Messages started flooding aunty, bhabhi, akka? !!Finally found a partner whose chat excited me more. He told his age is 25. We chatted. Finally he asked for my picture, I told I can?t share. He told ok. Whenever hubby is out we used to chat in aff !! He like me so much and asked for my picture. I told I send him without face from lips. I sent my pic.He was in heaven the moment he saw my picture. He was so crazy and told I?m the sexiest lady ever he had seen. This chat continued for weeks. One day he asked for my full picture. I told no. He begged.Without understanding the seriousness I sent !! I knew he ll shag hard that night. From that day on-wards he told he is loving me. He wanted me to chat with him all time. That one day came to change my fate.He asked for a meet or coffee. I told I can?t and he can be my online friend. He was so stubborn. He told he wanted to enjoy me once. I said I am married and I can?t cheat my husband. He said, ?hey dirty bitch I know about you.. Chatting with me here is it not cheating?. I did not reply. He said, ?I want you and I mean it?. I told no get lost? He then got angry, ok you have teased me enough. Now wait and see.He messaged me my pictures which I had sent him. He had some 20 pictures of me. I asked why he had saved my pictures. He told if I don?t meet he will put my pictures in internet as aunty for sex. I told what is this, I believed you. He told get lost bitch, I want you that?s all!! I begged him I can?t and asked him to delete my pictures. He was stubborn. I can?t compromise him. He gave me a day, to think when and where we can meet !!Next day we chatted, he asked where can we. My heart beat thumped what if my husband comes to know. He wanted to come to my home, I told hubby will be there? He finally told me we can meet in some mall or theatre. I said some might see. He told he will book in some theatre where less crowd l will be there.He forced me and finally made me agree. According to him I have to come on Saturday when hubby of town. I told I can?t leave k**s at home. He told send them to some relatives house.So we were waiting for a perfect day, the day came Saturday afternoon movie. I wore a black semi-transparent, saree did some hair spray combed to perfection.I took a cab to the theater. I knew I am so sexy that day. I was waiting near the screen. My heartbeats raised. Suddenly a hand placed on my shoulder, ?There you are ?. He took me in.As we sat hardly 20 people were there. He hold my hands and started praising me that he couldn?t believe he is watching with the sexiest housewife.The movie started, he told he wanted to have sex with me today. I told I can?t stay. He put his behind me and my seat and placed it on my tummy.He started smooching and told I am not asking you, I am demanding you. He took a selfie with me too. Finally I thought of a plan, today is going to be last day that I am going to fuck him.He made me wet inside the theater. 50 minutes gone, he told lets go out for snack. He took me in his car and went to a cottage in Mahabalipuram. I asked why here. He told he wants me tonight !!! I agreed, he had all my pictures in his phone only. So if I delete my problem is solved.Once we entered the room he pushed me and smooched me. I told him to do with condoms. I thought he will leave his phone in the room to buy condoms so that I can delete my pictures. But he took along with him.He came back with condoms. I asked me to put for him. Before I wore it gave him blowjob. I made his cum spill on his thighs. I asked him to bath and come. That was the moment. Took his phone deleted all his pictures..He had lots of women pics. He is such a womanizer. But I wanted him to be in my hold. I took my phone and clicked his naked pictures when he came out of bathroom. Now I wanted him to enjoy me..He came and hugged me removed my saree and started pumping me. We collapsed. We had 5 sessions. I was fulfilled. Now it night 11. Time to execute my plan. He was sleeping. I dressed myself, took his phone and threw his dress outside window.Finally I woke him up and told whom you are playing with, you son of a bitch. He told what you are not giving respect you want me to put your photos on internet. I told him go and do it? He searched for his phone.I gave him a rude laugh, here it is. Your age is 18. I know everything about you. I am taking your phone. If I find you giving trouble to women I will complain to police. Now you don?t have any dress. All the best. If I want you to enjoy someday be my slave always.
04-15-2021, at 01:31 PM

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